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As in most of the other cases, even while choosing between roof repair and roof total replacement, money often takes the pilot seat as the deciding factor. No doubt, roof repair is less expensive than roof replacement, but not always. Roof damage can be of various types, though some are adjustable via repairing. But, there are certain damages which demands replacement over repairing; and if you still pick up the option replacing, then you may end up investing more money in due course of time. Listed below are some of such damages, which can be best fixed only through replacement.

Sagging Deck

The deck is an insulated layer lying between the shingles and the plywood that is nailed to the joists. Owing to external damaging factors like weather disasters etc, the shingles deteriorate causing water to seep in and results deck saturation. This may even cause the inward bowing of the deck, which further creates bulge in the ceiling that cause water to drain inside the house. Inward bulging of the ceiling is almost like the last stage at which repairing can’t help much, and replacement can be the best solution.

Internal Water Damage

Incidental roof leaks are sooner or later experience at every house. These roof leaks get more irritating, when they create brown spots on ceilings. However, if might have experienced that even after mixing the problem it again reoccurs after some time, as repairing is a temporary solution. Here, a roof replacement is a more effective solution and it cost less as compared to the combined charges of constant repairing.

Mould Infestation

Mould infestation is another common problem that surfaces up owing to the leaky roof. It happens, when the leak saturates the decking and reaches the drywall. Considered by many as not a much grave problem, Mold Infestation hampers the complete interior of the house. Moreover, living in a mould infected house is also very harmful for health. All these combine to and reduce the resale value of the house, until and unless the roof of the house gets completely replaced to fix the problem.

Damaged Shingles

Once the shingles starts getting deteriorate, it becomes hard to control the damage. The shingles falls off stage by stage. Initially, it starts with the shedding of granules, which often cause gutters clogging. Eventually, these begin to curl and buckle. Shingles that shed granules are still capable of keeping water out; but the occurrence of water leak gets more confirmed as the shingles start to curl and buckle.

Standing Water

Many roof damages occur because of standing water problem. Regardless of the contours it contains, roof should be sloped so that it can allow water to run off instead of standing in pools. Standing water may occur because of clogged drain or because of poor installation job. In both the bases, it calls for an immediate fixing; otherwise shingles wear out unevenly, and create leaks in the areas where the water stands.

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